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Developers and manufacturers of venturi pump technology used across industries for solids handling and tank cleaning

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The Si-Jet range of solids handling pumps represents the second generation of the original world-famous Dickerman pumps. The latter was developed by Si-Jet’s associate company, Dickerman Overseas Contracting Company Ltd for use by them in their shipboard maintenance work.

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Having no moving parts, the pump offers a greater reliability than any other form of pump, rendering it virtually maintenance free, while its simplicity of operation enables it to be used by unskilled labour.

The name Si-jet is synonymous with the most up to date development in jet-pump technology. Our equipment has been developed over the years to meet the demand of any industry one cares to mention where moving solids in bulk.

Our lightweight pump unit weighing only 30kg will pass through a 12” diameter manhole enabling easy access in confined space locations. The 4” discharge hose attached allows materials to be transported over considerable distances either vertically or horizontally.

A truly hardwearing and versatile solution to meet your material handling requirements.

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GM2 Fluid Motive Powered Pump


GM2 Fluid Motive Powered Pump

GA2 Air Motive Powered Pump

Si-Vac Recovery System

S2 Hold Cleaning System

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