Submersible Pump

Si-Jet Ltd

The same Si-JET Venturi pump with no major modifications can be used as a submersible pump adding to its multifunctional usages. This is typically optimised for operations where tanks are unable to be drained down.

Due to its unique design the pump can be totally submerged and will operate in any position without blocking. An air supply via the sluice hose creates a pocket of air which enables a continuous vacuum pulling all required materials and liquid into the pump so that it can be discharged via the discharge hoses.

When removing on the liquid with the submersible pump the Si-Jet can be connected to other a variety of dewatering equipment allowing suitable handling of any material and liquid content. This creates a viable option to retain and reuse any materials (should this be required) upon removal, whilst ensuring a clean operation of works.

Inverting the pump (as shown below), virtually all liquid that is being pumped can be removed.

Capacities in excess of 40 tons per hour when used as a submersible pump

The pump may be operated with fluids other than water enabling compatibility between the supply fluid and that being pumped.

The pump can be used without the hopper if required.

This adaption highlights the pump diverse and versatile nature as this is just one of the many features and modes of use for the vacuuming/pumping of materials.

submaersible pump si jet