GA2 Vacuum System

Si-Jet Ltd

The Si-JET vacuum recovery system combines the standard pump, operating on compressed air, with a vacuum collection tank, designed to act as a separator which stores material for controlled discharge into lorries, skips or any other type of conveyance.  In this mode, the pump develops a continuous vacuum together with high induced airflow.  Various nozzles are available for use with either 250cfm or 600cfm compressors at 90 p.s.i.

The materials being recovered do not pass through the pump, enabling particle sizes up to the maximum diameter of the vacuum hose to be handled with greater efficiency and without wear on the pump.  Production rates of up to 30/40 tons per hour are feasible – dependent on the nature of the material being handled – over long horizontal and vertical distances.

jet-pump technology
Greater outputs

Greater outputs are available by utilizing multiples of the standard pumps.  Alternatively, our design service is available, enabling us to offer our customers a unit designed to meet their individual requirements.