GM2 Induction Pump

Si-Jet Ltd

Our lightweight pump unit weighing only 30kg will pass through a 12” diameter manhole enabling easy access in confined space locations. The 4” discharge hose attached allows materials to be transported over considerable distances either vertically or horizontally.

A hopper is provided for dry feeding or shovel loading while, by fitting a vacuum unit, materials can be sucked up using a vacuum hose. Alternatively, the pump may be used to suck out liquids from pits or wells with the assurance of knowing no damage will result should the pump run dry.

Ideal in the marine environments, due to its immediate availability but extremely versatile and being utilised in many other industries such as paper mills, slaughterhouses etc.

Excellent for use where predominantly vertical lifts are involved and for manual loading procedures.

Motive power can be almost any pressurised fluid, such as water, crude oil, refined oils and certain chemicals.

Operates on the normal pressures of a ships fire line, tank cleaning or cargo lines.

Capacities in excess of 40 tons per hour when used as a submersible pump / 4-6 tons per hour should be estimated when shoveling material into the hopper.

Our onshore water utilities division has been in operation for more than 35 years proving a reliable solution predominantly with the UK water sector both on clean and dirty water sites.

Handles solids of up to 1 ½” in diameter.

Self-priming pump.

Can operate dry indefinitely.

Simple to operate – no moving parts.

Passes through a standard butterworth opening enabling access to all parts of a vessel.

Supply and discharge hoses can be connected to one end of the pump to improve manoeuvrability.

Also operates on compressed air.

Corrosion-resistant – stainless steel parts

Parts interchangeable.

Self-priming pump