S2 Hold Cleaning

Si-Jet Ltd

Utilising an air assisted water monitor or fully fitted hold washing machine the Si-Jet Scavenger pump reduces the hold cleaning operation regardless of weather to a simple standard procedure typically cleaning a nine hold 110,00 DWT bulk carrier on coal in 10 hours. Actual cleaning time can be dependant on nature of previous cargo.

Whilst the fully built in version is the ideal set up, we also offer semi fixed and portable solutions. The system reduces the time and labour intensive element of hold cleaning allowing other essential ship maintenance to be completed.

One of the great advantages with this system is that you can progress your hold cleaning operations in almost any weather conditions; there is no need to open hatches there is no worry about the degree of rolling for the mucking winch etc. We have shown it is possible to clean all holds in 10 hours.

We have demonstrated that hold cleaning is no longer a major operation consideration, in terms of labour involved and time dedicated.

Please see reference below from a Captain onboard a bulk carrier with the S2 pump installed:

The rewards for such an increase in efficiency and release of man power is clear. This has been demonstrated by the fact that we have painted the main deck and superstructure with two complete full coats while trading in the winter North Atlantic.

A system which pays such dividends has got to be a very cost-effective installation.